Play Aviator Spribe Mostbet BD + working strategy

Today we will introduce you to the legendary game, which in an instant became the most popular among players from all over the world. We are talking about Aviator, which is able to make each of you much richer using well-thought-out strategies. You can find out how to play Mostbet Aviator and what strategies to use for this below.


Online game Aviator – how much you can earn

The Aviator game has become so popular among players that it has received a separate section on the Mostbet BD website in the main menu.

Online game Aviator Mostbet

The meaning of the game is that your screen shows an airplane that flies up. As you climb, you can watch the ratio skyrocket.

Before each such flight, the player will need to place a bet and then wait for takeoff. The whole difficulty of the game is that the plane can fall. It happens at any moment. Your main task is to sell your bet before the plane crashes. If you managed to sell the bet before the fall, you will receive the winnings multiplied by the coefficient at which the bet was sold.

Considering the fact that the highest odds you can get on Aviator Spribe is 1,000 and the maximum bet per flight is 1,000 BTD, then you have a great opportunity to become a millionaire in one long flight.

However, to get with such an amount and for such a duration of the flight, you need to be the luckiest person on the planet. So, it is much easier to use already proven strategies that will bring money at a distance. You will learn about one of these in this article, but first you should study the main rules of the game.

Rules Aviator on Mostbet website

As with any other site, Mostbet Bangladesh prohibits the use of third-party hacking programs. However, even a professional programmer is unlikely to succeed, because the company’s security system not only protects against hacks, but also allows you to identify dishonest players.

So, in order to avoid problems with the company, it is not recommended to use or buy such programs that can be offered on the Internet.

In addition, only those players who have reached the age of majority and after registering a new Mostbet account are allowed to play. By the way, do not forget that when registering, you need to use a promotional code that will allow you to get an increased bonus on your first deposit.

The money earned from this promotion can be used as start-up capital, and with the help of other bonuses, the bookmaker will give even more money, which can be easily multiplied in Aviator.

Do not forget that this game can be run in demo mode and played with virtual money. This will give you an understanding of all the basic nuances of flying, as well as gain experience that will come in handy when using your strategy.

Working strategy

The only and working strategy in the game Aviator that works for most users is “catching up”. This is a financial system in which you need to increase the amount of the bet by 2 times if you lose the previous bet. In this case, you must always wait for a coefficient of at least 2.

Look at the latest flight results of this aircraft in the game. Here you can see that for the last 17 flights, only 4 times we did not wait for the coefficient

Working strategy mostbet

This means that you need to start with a minimum amount (from 1 BTD) and wait for the flight. As soon as the plane flies over a factor of 2, then sell the bet. If you do not have time, then increase the bet amount by 2 times – bet 2 BTD.

If the second time it was not possible to wait for coefficient 2, then bet 4, 8, 16 and so on until you reach the winning iteration. When selling at odds of 2, you will receive a win that will cover previous losses and add to the pot.

At the same time, calculate the number of iterations so that they are enough for at least 10 losses. It happens that the game gives out a series of defeats, but as practice shows, more often than 10 times with such a low flight coefficient does not happen.

Tips for inexperienced players

You have already understood that you should not buy hacking programs. Also, we do not advise you to trust scammers who promise to increase your bank in this game, because as a rule, they simply take money for themselves and deceive people.

In addition, I would like to share with you other useful tips related to the game itself:

  1. After a long flight of an aircraft that crossed the border of a coefficient of 50 or more, you can safely bet that the next flight will be long, not lower than a coefficient of 5. This pattern almost always works;
  2. If you see that the last 3 flights of the aircraft gave high odds of 5 or more, then you should stop your earnings. Most likely, a long series of low odds will begin soon. We recommend quitting the game for an hour and minding your own business;
  3. Do not forget that you can place two bets on one flight. Try to combine them with different amounts, or with different odds;
  4. Take care in advance that there is a stable Internet connection, and the device from which you install works correctly. Otherwise, you run the risk of not having time to sell the bet at the most crucial moment and lose all the money due to technical problems;
  5. Don’t play around. The game allows you to earn a lot of money in a short time, but as the twig shows, players who get excited in most cases are the losers.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in this game, so we recommend playing Aviator at Mostbet Bangladesh right now. You can try it with demo mode and we are sure you will like it. Also, do not forget about our promotional code during registration, which will open access to all exclusive promotions of the company and give you even more easy money!